Dolly plans for Winter

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, I know. I have a tendency to be very interested in dolls for a bit, then I’ll find something else but I will always come back. One thing I’ve noticed about my dolls recently is that they are mostly all dressed in Summer dresses as I’m much more inclined to buy a new doll than a new outfit for a doll, which got me thinking about some doll-related DIYs I could set myself for the near future.

Firstly, some snuggly clothes for my Paola Reina Liu would be lovely as her wardrobe is very limited at the moment! Possibly a name would help, too- I’m awful at naming my dolls.

Secondly, I have three baby Sasha dolls (as in Sasha Morgenthaler) who are in desperate need of new outfits. Two blond boys and a brunette girl. That’s four outfits to make- possibly enough for now!

Of course, as if having all these dolls to clothe isn’t enough I’ve also been looking at new ones (what is life without a doll wishlist?). At the top right now is Gotz Happy Kidz Emily 2016. I’m justifying this because she’s a size of doll I don’t have at all, which I suppose would allow me to make clothes for a lot of dolls in that size? Who knows if I’ll end up with her one day or not! Almost all of my dolls have dark hair so it would be an interesting change.


This is one of the company photos that I found at (where I can spend hours upon hours browsing), but I think I would dress her quite differently. I’ve seen owners photos of her wearing really childish clothes which I think fit brilliantly.

Who is top of your dolly wishlist at the moment?