Liu Goes Outside

After all this not posting, I have a couple of photos to share! I found this sweet little coat to fit my Liu doll, put her hair in buns as I had planned to before she even arrived and took her outside to see the world.



I’m really looking forward to making new clothes for her, too! Still deciding on a name for sure. This time I’m trying to make sure the company name doesn’t stick, but I’m not doing an amazing job! -Julia


New Arrival- Paola Reina Liu

My Liu doll arrived! Actually, she arrived yesterday. Yep, that’s right, on the morning of a bank holiday, amazingly. This isn’t going to be a real review of her, just a few little notes about her and pictures.


What could be inside this very exciting box? I wonder.


So maybe the box isn’t best prepared for shipping or photo taking, but that’s okay. Nobody can help static!

My full-body picture of her fresh out of the box turned out unfortunately blurry, so if anyone would like to see a photo of her in her full default outfit I’d be happy to take a new one but for now here’s a close up of her face which thankfully didn’t turn out too unfocused!


So maybe her eyelashes and eyebrows are a tad crazy but I’m so pleased with her. She feels lovely; her vinyl is smooth and a beautiful colour. She has very thick hair which can be a little unruly which I don’t mind in the slightest.

Next we raided my doll-clothes box to see what fitted her. She is 32cm tall which is between BJD sizes and she also has quite a big head! This is all I could come up with right now.


The cardigan is a little revealing at the front there! This is her default skirt and shoes too. The shoes are actually very good, and the skirt doesn’t seem to be bad quality either! The hat is made to fit an MSD size BJD head, but it fits her nicely. Putting a doll in “home clothes” is usually the first thing I do when I get a new doll before I make them any of their own clothes. Maybe it’s something about making them feel more familiar?

This is a very short post but I’ll be back with more photos of her soon for sure! I’m thinking maybe I’ll call her Lissy, but I’m still very much open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading! -Julia

Edit: I just realised I forgot to add in about this brilliant way she was attached to her box. No scissors were needed and no fingers were injured in freeing her, which I think might just be a first!


There’s a little plastic hook stuck to the box on either side of her and an elastic band going between them holding her in. I haven’t seen this used in doll packaging before and I’m really hoping it catches on! -Julia

Incoming- Paola Reina Liu!

I’ve only had this blog running a very short while but I’m already so excited about all the things I want to do here. I’m trying to post every other day (but it’s early days yet!). Having said that today’s post is quite short so maybe I’ll post more to make up for it?

My news is that I have a Paola Reina Liu doll on the way! I got the dispatch notice today, which is a Sunday, and tomorrow is a bank holiday Monday so I’m not sure when she’s going to actually get here. This is a size of doll I haven’t worked with before so I’m pretty excited about the clothes-making possibilities.

I’ll be sure to take lots of photos when she arrives, and in the mean time I’ve collected some people’s beautiful photos of their own versions of this doll in a pinterest board for motivation.

I went for the Winter outfit version, just because she has longer hair so I can decide how I want it when she gets here. I’m not the biggest fan of the look of any of the outfits, but who knows, I might think completely differently when she gets here.

I think (as with lots of dolls!) the company photos don’t show her in the best light, it’s really the owner photos that made me want this doll. I’ve got lots of plans for her!