I bought a (doll’s)house!

Hi guys and sorry for the late post! It only feels like about a week since I last posted but apparently it’s been much longer, time has just been flying since I left college. I’ve got my results back (a completely unexpected distinction!) so I’m completely free for the rest of the summer. These last few days I’ve been kind of unproductive (unless playing Pokemon Go counts as productive) but I have adopted this new project. After completing the diorama from my last post I looked up doll’s houses (or dollhouses if you’re American, I think?) on Gumtree and found someone selling this blank wooden one for just £10. The lady who sold it to me was lovely and even delivered it to my house! It came flat-packed so I spent a few hours putting it together.


I took over the whole sitting room and had to get my mum to help with some of the last few screws but we eventually got it looking like this!

blog post 2

I’m afraid it’s pretty hard to get nice-looking photos of a big dolls house in the middle of a busy sitting room! Here’s some of the rooms inside:

blog post 1

It is 1/16th scale which is the same as Sylvanian Families or Calico Critters. I’m hopefully going to paint the whole thing inside and out eventually. All I’ve done so far is a bit on the outside. I mixed sand with the paint I used (which is actually emulsion paint, I think) to try to give it the same texture a lot of painted houses around here have. I’m not sure if there’s a name for that kind of finish.


It’s a start!

It’s also been very hot here (for England) these past few days which has been lovely so I’ve been outdoors lots more than usual. I hope you’re all having nice weather where you are, too! -Julia