Why the lack of posts?

By this stage you may all be thinking I’ve abandoned this blog entirely (and from my non-existent post schedule you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that!) so I figured I owed you all an explanation!

Basically, it’s exam period here in the UK. Whilst a lot of my friends are now taking their A-level exams, I’m on an Art and Design UAL course. I’ve really really enjoyed this course and I’m so happy I could specialist in something I love rather than having to take a whole bunch of subjects I have little interest in. The way the course is set out means that we do lots of kind of “practice projects” leading up to one Final Major Project which counts for pretty much our entire grade! My deadline is drawing horrifically near so right now I’m just pouring my time and energy into getting that done, even when my motivation is to play with dolls. (Although, my 18th was on Tuesday so I had a day off!)

If anyone is interested, I’m actually doing a short story book for my FMP about a polar bear named Mits. Completely irrelevant to this blog but still!

cover blobs

Best wishes for everyone’s final projects, exams and summers from Julia x