Review! Mini Minouche

Hi! To kick start this new blog I thought I’d do a review of the Mini Minouche doll sculpted by Sylvia Natterer for Kaethe Kruse. This is the company photo.


I got this doll for Christmas but she hasn’t had any wear and tear and looks just as she did brand new- except for one thing. I did the thing doll owners have probably been trying their hardest to avoid since wrist tags first became a thing. I don’t even know why I took it off, but she came with a sweet wrist tag that I believe was red and it has mysteriously vanished (sob, sob). I’m also not going to be doing much of a review of the packaging because by this point mine is a bit bashed up, but she came in a sweet box and was secured to a piece of patterned card inside the box.

The box has a red cord handle at the top and is beautifully presented, but I think it would be possible to fit about twelve Mini Minouche dolls inside it! It’s very big for a 27cm doll and for that reason I’ve seen some sellers offering to ship her without the box to save the buyer shipping costs. Nevertheless, she is definitely well protected in there!


My Grandma ordered her for me from Petalina Dolls, a UK website stocking lots of great dolls. The website is very user friendly and has so many different criteria for sorting through the dolls it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for. The shipping was tracked and she arrived on time.

The doll I chose was Fritzi. I believe that the sculpts for each doll are the same in this line, but I’m not sure if the face styles are subtly different or if that’s just my imagination.

This is how she came dressed (other than the lack of wrist tag!).

From her page on Petalina Dolls, “The vinyl used for her head and floppy limbs is phthalate free, hard to the touch and feels a little like porcelain.” I agree with this, although she’s made from vinyl it is textured very differently from any other vinyl dolls I’ve owned. This might be a long review, maybe I should divide it up into sections!

(Take note: Fritzi’s colouring is actually a lot more subtle and dreamy than it is on my camera)
One thing that’s really cute about this doll is her side profile, I think. Also her ear sculpting. Some dolls seem to have very odd ears but this girl is at that perfect balance between realistic and abstract. As you can see from this, the hair is painted brown. It looks like it has been airbrushed on top (but carefully, no paint on the ears or anything) and then detailed by hand. Before I bought this doll I was a little worried there would be very obvious strands of hair painted onto her forehead but I needn’t have, because even for me the hair isn’t too standoutish at all. I’m very fussy about these things.

Fritzi’s side profile.
There are little hand painted hairs around her face.


I’m especially impressed with how even the eyebrows are. I mean really. Woah.

minouche 4

Fritzi is also weighted with pellets in the bottom of her body, so she feels lovely to hold.

One really nice thing about this doll which I somehow only noticed when I was taking the photos for this review is that her head turns! It turns very smoothly, too. I think there’s a string running through the stitched channel in the fabric around her neck and then the string has been pulled tight around a- wait, I’m rambling. That might not even be right, but either way it works!


The limbs are sewn in and do not turn in their sockets but as she’s on a cloth body she is very posable.


She is on an orangey-flesh coloured cloth body which can be wiped clean.

minouche back and front

I was very very impressed with the quality of the clothing that came with this doll. I think sometimes clothing can be a bit of an afterthought but this was really beautiful.
The hat is lined with pale blue (not grey, as my camera somehow picked up!) soft fabric with no exposed seams at all. It is really well done. The main had is white minky fabric and the ears are lined with the same pattern as is on the leggings!

minouche 6
The top is a dusty pink colour with a pair of rabbit appliques, and around the bottom is a pink tutu trim with just a hint of gold. It fastens with velcro at the back which makes changing her very easy, although beware: the tutu got stuck to the velcro on mine and I had a brief moment of panic! It came off fine though. All is well. With both the top and the leggings, the inside seams have been neatly overlocked.

minouche 2
The leggings (these are so cute!) are white with tiny pink stars and an elasticated waist. They even have little feet bits. I love them.

minouche 3
None of the garnments made me think “Eep, they’ve put some weird chemical on this to make it stiff/better looking in photos so I’d better wash it”. They all felt fresh and clean.

I think that’s it for this review! Here is everything she came with minus the box, tag, and “Kathe Kruse” booklet.


Thank you so much for reading. If you’d like to see any more photos of her, if you found this helpful or if you’d like to suggest a doll to review please leave a comment letting me know! -Julia