Incoming- Paola Reina Liu!

I’ve only had this blog running a very short while but I’m already so excited about all the things I want to do here. I’m trying to post every other day (but it’s early days yet!). Having said that today’s post is quite short so maybe I’ll post more to make up for it?

My news is that I have a Paola Reina Liu doll on the way! I got the dispatch notice today, which is a Sunday, and tomorrow is a bank holiday Monday so I’m not sure when she’s going to actually get here. This is a size of doll I haven’t worked with before so I’m pretty excited about the clothes-making possibilities.

I’ll be sure to take lots of photos when she arrives, and in the mean time I’ve collected some people’s beautiful photos of their own versions of this doll in a pinterest board for motivation.

I went for the Winter outfit version, just because she has longer hair so I can decide how I want it when she gets here. I’m not the biggest fan of the look of any of the outfits, but who knows, I might think completely differently when she gets here.

I think (as with lots of dolls!) the company photos don’t show her in the best light, it’s really the owner photos that made me want this doll. I’ve got lots of plans for her!



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